New Year, Same God

New Year, Same God

Considering how trendy "New Year, New Me" related posts are all around the web at this time of the year, we at Selah CC are more focused on the idea of "New Year, Same God".

New year will bring new jubilations and new tribulations. In all of that God asks us to Be Still and Know that he is indeed God. The same God that created the heavens and the earth, the same God that created you and I and the same God that gave us this vision to run this love project, where we are committed to spread Jesus into more homes and hearts whilst also contributing to Charity: Water to bring the gift of Clean drinking water to many of our unfortunate friends around the world. 

The bottom line is- We are "New Year, Same God" people. We want to continue doing the same, we want to continue serving the same Lord and we want to continue being the same people that God has called us out to be. Perhaps with greater intensity and spiritual maturity. 

Beloved, live this new year seeking the Same God (the alpha and the omega). He knows the plans he has for you to prosper and have the best year of your life ahead. The best is yet to come!


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