New Original Art dropped! The best ones yet?

Now abide these three- faith, hope, love. But the greatest is Love. This is one of the favourite verses in the bible. Word of God into Original art

Hello lovely people,

Thank you for your support through out the first few weeks. This website being up and running meant endless sleepless nights and bottomless hours put in by all involved. 

We love you and appreciate every single purchase, likes, comments and shares. It means the world to us. Rest assured that we are NOWHERE NEAR FINISHED. You will one day be proud to say that you journeyed with Selah CC since day 1. 


In the meantime, check out our new collection of 3 arts- Faith, Hope & Love. Each painting, including the colours used are there to express those exact emotions. 

Faith- Blue, deep, unfathomable and mysterious.

Hope- Green, better, promise and calming.

Love- Red, fiery, unmoving, expressive and HOT.

Hope you will love them as much as we love creating them. We pray that your house will light up another level with these original arts. Remember, you are loved. Have an amazing day.


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